We are a content and events organisation, led by award-winning journalist Barkha Dutt. We believe that the news media, especially television, is going through a crisis of credibility and quality; and that the future belongs to robust, reporting-driven, independent digital platforms.

Mojo has a large audience of over 630,000 subscribers. Our YouTube channel strives to disrupt the usual norm of Prime Time TV, with bringing you ground reports and first person testimonials in their most raw and unfiltered form. The channel is also home to our daily analysis show, that believes in having a clutter-less discussion on pertinent issues, giving weight to substance over shouting.

Our coverage of both waves of COVID, the Hathras Rape Case, Taliban’s Take Over of Afghanistan and many more important events, shed light on how for us the biggest story is always the one driven by responsibility and empathy.

The laurels we have won over this time period, pale in comparison to the trust we have received from our viewers, in bringing them the ground reality.


A reportage-driven, people-centric, video platform that democratizes news and goes where the story is.


Independent. Innovative. Industrious. Inclusive. International.

With a commitment to being in the field in the toughest circumstances, our COVID reportage through 2020-21 has been high-impact and clutter-breaking. In 2020, during India’s national lockdown, we traveled 30,000 kms, spending 120 days on the road, reporting from 14 states across India. As millions of migrant workers fled the cities of India on foot and a humanitarian crisis loomed large it was Mojo that shone a relentless light on India’s poorest citizens, often walking with them on desolate highways.

In 2021 during the much more lethal second wave of COVID, Mojo stood out for our ground-breaking investigations into India’s uncounted COVID deaths.