Awards and Recognitions

We have won seven major industry awards in 2021 from ENBA, in the Digital Media, English and one in the News Broadcasting category:

  • Best Current Affairs Programme
  • Best News Coverage
  • Best Business Programme
  • Best Anchor
  • Best Use of Technology
  • Best Talk Show
  • Best In-Depth Series
  • Best News Channel
  • Best Digital Channel (News Broadcasting)

The US-based Emergent Ventures, awarded us for our COVID Coverage.

In their words “One of the world’s most severe lockdowns unleashed a massive internal migration from the cities to the villages in India. Dutt’s team was one of the first to shed light on the erroneous state policies concerning economic migrants in India during the lockdown, often while walking alongside migrants. Her sustained coverage eventually led other stations and newspapers to follow and report similar stories and invoked a policy response from the government.”