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Daughter Burnt By Her Husband While Pregnant, Now Her Mother Is Fighting The System For Justice

I sincerely thank you and your team for sharing the unbearable pain of my daughter. I would like to share my feelings with you. I never ever realized in our life that our daughter will be burnt alive by someone.

By Prem Khuller , 30 May 2022

The complete future of my daughter and her unborn children would be pushed to darkness. As a mother, It’s very difficult for me to look at her and I am dying every second looking at her. She is a sincere, caring, lovely, charming, and pure-hearted girl. I have always given her good sanskar. I feel like I have lost my daughter and now she is in continuous pain. In her life, she never did any harm to anyone and I do not know why she is suffering so badly. She has gone through so much pain and agony at her in-laws house that can’t be expressed.

Firstly, they killed her mentally, now her unborn twins and her were almost killed physically. There are a lot of tears in my eyes while saying this. Even today it looks to me like a scary dream. 

Everyone knows that my daughter has been ruined brutally and till now, nothing has been done. Her in-laws are using all sorts of influences and managing everything, making us realize that nothing would go against them. We are a middle-class service family, we are doing everything we can to save our daughter. We are managing everything from our savings. We know real medical expenses would come after the twin’s delivery. The plastic surgeries post-delivery would cost lakhs and lakhs of rupees. No middle-class family can manage this.

We have realized, that we will have a really tough time ahead. We never knew that we had to fight so much even to get the culprits arrested. They paid a few lakhs to some officers and they are at peace. We have lost everything, my real daughter, unaccountable sufferings of unborn children, the trauma of my whole family and many more. There are no words to it. This is the harsh reality of our system. But, I will fight strongly against the culprits and I will knock every door in this country to bring justice for my daughter. Due to a few corrupt officials, justice can’t be denied to my daughter. 

I lost my husband around 18 years ago while my children were studying. It was quite difficult for me at that time. Sometimes, when I see Sujata today, I feel I should have left this world along with my husband long back. As a mother, I can’t see her and I am feeling Sujata’s pain more than she does. I feel there is no limit to the cruelty of humans. How can we save our daughters? Even after 10 years of marriage if this is the state of my daughter. When will parents be assured that their daughter would be safe in their in-laws house? No one has the right to hurt our daughters. Absolutely no one. I want to share so many things with you, but I am speechless.