Billionaire Stood In Line To Get Job At Own Store

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'On a micro-blogging site, a user recounted a bizarre WhatsApp scam attempt. A man mistook the woman's last name for her husband's and hilariously accused him of being gay. The woman, finding the mix-up absurd, spun wild tales about her marital woes, including a fictional HIV scare. The screenshots captured the hilarity of the exchange, leaving the scammer utterly baffled.' Read more

'For those who are avid followers of true crime, the Nicole Brown Simpson case is nothing short of cardinal, so you know what this death means for those who followed the case, feverishly, decades after its closure. The man at the center of the “trial of a century”, OJ died of cancer, at age 76.' Read more

'In this era of financial acrobatics, where every rupee has an escape plan before it even reaches your wallet, people are feeling the squeeze from inflation and living costs, particularly in bustling metropolises. A real estate guru from Gurugram turned to X to air his grievances about his son's school fees, which seem to be compounding at an alarming 10% annually, would be a hefty Rs. 9,00,000/- per annum by the time his ward reached the 10th grade. Looks like schools are making parents learn financial planning!' Read more

'A Canadian accessories brand found itself in hot water on social media after an Indian customer complained about a MacBook accessory. Bhuwan Chitransh aired his frustration over the color-changing skin, only to receive a cringe-worthy response mocking his surname. The brand's attempt at humor backfired spectacularly, leaving them with a burnt reputation and potentially fewer customers.' Read more

'The food industry's embracing robots like never before! Restaurants globally now have bots doing everything from serving to cooking. But hold your hunger—there's a twist! A viral clip from China shows what seems to be a robot waitress...until you realize it's a human pulling off some seriously slick moves! She's the restaurant owner, doubling as a dancing sensation. Talk about serving up a surprise dish of tech and talent!' Read more

'In Kamchatka, Russia, they were looking for a lost husky with a drone. Well, guess what? They found the little guy hanging out with a bunch of brown bears! The video's gone viral, showing the husky just chilling and playing with the bears like they're old pals. Talk about the unexpected! People are amazed at how gutsy this husky is—what a legend!' Read more

'Suzie Cheikho, a 38-year-old who works from home, got the boot from Insurance Australia Group after 18 years. It all started with a performance warning. They put her on this improvement plan where they basically watched her every keystroke on the computer for like 49 days! She missed deadlines, and meetings, and even showed up to a Microsoft Teams meeting with the word F word on her hand. Crazy, right? When they confronted her about it, she blamed personal stuff and some injury. Tough break.' Read more

'So this software engineer Jitendra Singh caused a stir on LinkedIn with a light-hearted post. He was joking around about hiring a "junior wife" and listed some humorous requirements like cooking skills and being up for late-night biryani. Some people found it funny, others not so much. But Singh made it clear he was trying to make people laugh.' Read more

'So, North America got treated to a rare total solar eclipse on Monday, which felt almost like a big party across the States. Folks gathered outside to catch the sunny day going dark. But afterwards, lots of people started griping about eye pain. Google lit up with searches like "my eyes hurt," especially right after the eclipse.' Read more

'So, there's this recruiter, Siddharth Sharma, who caused a stir on social media by turning down a candidate for "offer shopping." Basically, Sharma, a former CTO, stopped an interview when he found out the person was fishing for better offers despite having one already. He went on X and called it desperate, saying it shows you don't value your word. His advice? Focus on coding and hang out with fellow coders.' Read more

'After that epic solar eclipse on April 8th, NASA's socials got all playful. NASA Moon threw some shade at NASA Sun and Space on platform X, saying "@NASASun is blocked" with a wink to the eclipse. People in North America were all hyped up, sharing tons of pics and videos of the show. The caption was like, "Oops, I did it again."' Read more