Friend Murdered in US. Actress Seeks Centres Help

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'A gruesome explosion at The Rameshwaram Café in Bengaluru's Kundalahalli a short while back has left four injured, prompting a police investigation. Among the wounded are three café employees and a customer. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has joined the probe. Authorities have not discounted any possibilities. The bomb squad and forensics teams are present and investigations are on.' Read more

'If you do not believe in miracles, then this one's for you to read. In Barnsley, UK, Mr. Wilson was taken to a local hospital due to a health episode and shifted to Sheffield for subsequent surgery, after which his heart stopped for 50 minutes, but came to life after that long! Now that is some miracle indeed!' Read more

'In shocking news, Rinky Chakma, the former Miss India Tripura, passed away at the age of 28 after a two-year battle with cancer. Despite undergoing surgery, she succumbed to the illness. Femina Miss India expressed profound sadness on social media, praising her as a formidable presence, epitomizing grace and purpose. Condolences were extended to her family and friends, honoring her enduring legacy of beauty and purpose.' Read more

'Delhi had its freshest February air in nine years, staying mostly under 200 on the air quality scale, per Central Pollution Control Board data. Rainfall hit 32.5 mm, the most since 2013. Previous Februarys saw higher pollution: 2016 averaged 293, 2017 had 267, and so on. No 'severe' pollution days, just a few 'very poor' and 'poor'. Fourteen days stayed 'moderate'.' Read more

'In a strong move, Haryana's Ambala district police announced plans to revoke passports and visas of labeled 'rowdies' involved in breaking barricades or causing chaos at the Punjab border amid recent farmer protests. Ambala DSP Joginder Singh specified action targets only those causing disruptions during the agitation, coordinating with relevant authorities. He highlighted measures like CCTV footage and photography for identification.' Read more

'Happy news coming in! Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have announced —they're going to be parents! Yup, they've got a little one on the way, expected to arrive in September. They shared the happy news on Instagram, keeping it super cute. Fans had their suspicions, especially after Deepika rocked a saree at the BAFTA awards, keeping her midsection under wraps. But hey, they kept mum until now!' Read more

'The Tata Institute in Mumbai revealed the creation of a groundbreaking drug to deter cancer recurrence. After a decade of research, the institute's team developed a tablet purported to halt secondary cancer occurrences. Priced at ₹100 each, the tablet's efficacy was demonstrated through experiments on mice, prompting forthcoming human trials. Dr. Indraneel Mittra, leading the study at TMH, highlighted promising results.' Read more

'In a new development, New Zealand's government announced the repeal of a pioneering law prohibiting tobacco sales to future generations, despite concerns from researchers and advocates about potential fatalities. Originally set to commence in July, the stringent anti-tobacco regulations aimed to prohibit sales to those born after Jan. 1, 2009, decrease nicotine levels, and slash tobacco retailers by over 90%.' Read more

'Setting one more milestone in India's space program, PM Modi today announced the names of four astronauts chosen for India's inaugural human space flight, the Gaganyaan Mission. They are Prashanth Nair, Angad Prathap, Ajit Krishnan, and Shubhanshu Shukla. Extensive preparations are ongoing across ISRO centers for the mission, aiming to demonstrate human spaceflight capability by launching crew members into a 400 km orbit for a three-day mission.' Read more

'Doctors in Delhi pulled off a wild medical feat. They fished out 39 coins and 37 magnets from a man's stomach. Turns out, he swallowed them, thinking it'd benefit him because of the Zinc metal in coins. Unable to eat, he ended up in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, puking non-stop and doubled over in pain. The surgical intervention led to the unbelievable content in his stomach.' Read more

'Ashok Veeraraghavan, a computer engineer and Indian-origin professor, received the prestigious Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award in engineering from TAMEST in Texas. Recognized for his groundbreaking imaging tech, he's a professor at Rice University. The award honors outstanding researchers in Texas, spanning medicine, engineering, and innovation.' Read more