“Biden Wants to be World’s Demonic Leader,” says India’s Diplomat to Saudi Arabia

By Sonal Nain, 28 Mar 2022

As the price of oil continues to rise, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have refused to heed calls from US President Joe Biden to increase the production of oil in order to keep the price from spiralling out of control. This comes after the Biden administration’s ban on Russian oil imports. 

Ambassador Talmiz Ahmad, who served as India’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, says in his new book, ‘West Asia at War’  that the Biden presidency is a “complete disaster zone.” He spoke to Mojo Story about the global seismic shifts, saying, Americans’ actions have impacted global oil prices since the cost of oil is connected with global geopolitics, “You have to step back a bit and see why the United States has taken Russia on. Many members of the American establishment believe that the cold war never ended and that they are still at odds with Russia. As a result, NATO has been steadily expanding, and it is relentless. The Americans have decided that they must now crush Russia economically and politically in order to end it as a threat to their world order.”

On American sanctions on Russia’s energy supplies, he argued, “Americans are insensitive as far as Europeans and West Asian partners are concerned. They have taken no consultations as far as Europeans are concerned. Therefore, Europeans are terrified as they get most of their energy from Russia – both in terms of Oil and Gas. It is crucially dependent.”

The veteran diplomat stated that Biden has had a disastrous presidency and he is childish in dealing with Saudi Arabia, “If the Americans had consulted with the West Asian producer, they could have coordinated a certain increase in supply but they have been treating them very badly. This is not the way you build relations. Now you desperately need people on your side –  needs the Saudi to increase production after treating them badly.”

He added that for some time, Americans have observed China and Russia collaborating quite strongly, expanding their influence across a large part of Eurasia, which has alarmed the US, “ Biden has had a disastrous presidency. He is Shaky, Insipid, Disaster. They aspire to be the demonic leader of the world.” 

Ahmad argued that India has ‘course corrected’ by escaping the embrace of America in its response to Ukraine, because “the US breaks countries, then leaves them.”