Kapoor & Son On Making Their Own Space

By Sonal Nain, 28 Apr 2022

The father-son-duo, Anil Kapoor and Harsh Vardhan Kapoor, will be pairing up on-screen for the second time for Netflix’s latest Thar directed by Raj Singh Chaudhury. In the film, they have several tricks up their sleeves as they have suspended their reality as a father and son to play the roles of strangers, “It’s a director-driven art form, and I wouldn’t be able to deliver any sort of performance if I didn’t suspend reality,” said Harsh Vardhan Kapoor. 

In an exclusive interview with Mojo Story, the Kapoors discuss carving out their own space in the industry and their aspirations as actors and humans.

Anil Kapoor has been a very open-minded and progressive parent, allowing his children to do whatever makes them happy, whether in the type of films they choose or the hobbies they pursue, “My father taught me to make mistakes and be my own person. That’s what I’ve done with my kids to encourage them to take their own path.” 

Harsh Vardhan Kapoor studied screenwriting for his undergraduate degree. As a child, he was deeply fascinated by movies despite his mother’s efforts to keep them from becoming stereotypically filmy children, “We weren’t sent to dance classes or horse riding classes or parties. My fascination with films has taken me on its own journey.”

Harsh emphasized the importance of being yourself, “I have my own kind of taste, a way of living life that has caused me to make independent decisions and be a free thinker as opposed to being streamlined and having a road map for the rest of my life.”

He expressed that he intends to continue pursuing his creative ambitions and advocate for the principle of trying something new every day rather than limiting himself to one thing. “When you choose to be an artist, you take on some responsibility and stand for it,” Harsh said of the films he does. 

Anil, on the other hand, claims that being normal is the most difficult aspect of being an actor, “It’s too tiring to be fake. I enjoy being normal and being at home like an ordinary man.”


Watch the full interview below.