Why BJP MP Hans Raj Hans Feels Bulldozer Action Is A Symbolic Message? Read Here

By Sonal Nain, 21 Apr 2022

The Supreme Court ordered a halt to the encroachment drive in Jahangirpuri by North MCD. A bench of Justices L N Rao and B R Gavai added that it will “take a serious view of all demolitions that took place after the Supreme court decision was communicated to the mayor.” 

The bulldozing drive in Jahangirpuri came after Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta wrote to North Delhi Mayor Raja Iqbal Singh, requesting that he identify “illegal encroachments” and constructions by those arrested after communal violence erupted in the area during a Hanuman Jayanti procession.

North West Delhi MP Hans Raj Hans speaks with Mojo Story about the demolitions and clashes that ravaged the area. He stated that he has been visiting Jahangirpuri since the clashes began, “I went to Jahangirpuri alone the first night without any forces accompanying me. Locals told me they’d never seen such tensions before.” 

He pleaded that no innocent person should suffer and that culprits should not be spared. He said that he is trying to handle the matter, “I kept a balance and had discussed the matter with different communities, minority commission chairperson, locals and police officers.”

However, on the bulldozer destruction drive in the area, he said that it is important to send a symbolic message to those behind these clashes so that they don’t repeat such things ever again, “Criminals don’t have a religion, and it must be outsiders who provoked the community members which led to clashes.”

He added that the Bulldozer action is not against one community or group but encroachment, “This is not a matter of any religion. Moreover, whoever does wrong will be punished.” MP Hans felt gratitude that no lives had been lost and stated that the property destruction of the poor would be compensated.


Watch the full conversation below.