Grand Alliance Not Enough to Defeat the BJP in 2024, Says Prashant Kishor

Election strategist Prashant Kishor said that it is possible to defeat BJP in the 2024 general elections, but merely coming together of parties or leaders will not be sufficient. 


By Sonal Nain, 25 Jan 2022

Kishor stressed that anyone who thinks that it is a matter of time before the BJP will be defeated on their own is probably making a mistake. You have to make a concerted and serious effort and be prepared for a tough long battle. He stated that Modi has a great ability to emerge with greater predominance and this aspect of his personality keeps that newness alive.

To take on and defeat the BJP in the 2024 election, one must have a compelling narrative and a credible face; otherwise, it may be counterproductive. In fact, despite a strong alliance in Assam in 2019, aided the BJP, and despite no strong alliance in Bengal, the Trinamool Congress won. “So, parties should not just submit but align in a way that creates a value proposition that attracts voters,” Kishor told Mojo. “Moreover, realignment of parties and rebooting of their strategy would help them a long way.”

“If you are looking at 2024, Congress has to be the pivot for the opposition if it’s open to change.” He said that one thing the Congress could improve for the 2024 elections would be their openness to do anything and everything to put up a fight even if it comes at the cost of their own conventional wisdom and understanding of how elections should be fought.