“It Hurts To be Neglected”: Hardik Patel Quits Congress

By Sonal Nain, 18 May 2022

Hardik Patel, the Congress working president and leader of the Patidar quota agitation, has resigned from the party’s primary membership as the Gujarat Assembly elections approach.

In a long resignation letter to party president Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Patel, 28, accused the Congress of “working against the interests of the country and society” and chastised the leadership for a “lack of seriousness.”

In an interview with Mojo Story before he left the party,  Patel revealed that he is saddened over the fact that there have been no talks between the party high command and him over the allocation of responsibilities in Gujarat as assembly polls inch closer in the state, “Either they are neglecting me or working to drive me out of the party.”

In response to Rahul Gandhi’s absence from the party and people, he stated, “I feel that politics should be done 24*7, you have to meet people often, talk to them, their opinion should count to you – you owe them clarification if they are upset at you.” 

Mr. Patel claimed that Congress is not utilizing young people in the party. He is made a working president, but not given any work, “If you are taking someone in the party, then value them, give place to them, respect them.” He doesn’t want to wait for the next 10 years but wants to know what will happen tomorrow, “In the absence of new leadership, I have worked for the people of Gujarat even without a position. Even if one is not in politics, one can serve and labor selflessly for the people.” 

He also concurred that 20 Congress MLAs have left the party in the last five years, and Rahul should understand why people are departing. They are not going because they are sold or terrified, “Congress should unite party members and leaders because only then would the party be stronger.”

“Even though the BJP is so powerful, it still takes leaders from other parties to be stronger or continue to work. The BJP is always evolving. Congress should adapt as well, and it needs to comprehend people and politics,” Patel asserted.