“It’s a Crime to Let Vaccine Go to Waste”

By Sonal Nain, 17 Feb 2022

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India’s cumulative Covid-19 vaccine coverage has surpassed 174 crore total doses. However, the data also shows that 68 lakh doses of vaccines went to waste last year, with the majority of them coming from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. 

According to reports, 50 lakh further unused Covishield doses may go to waste by the end of this month. Moreover, despite the fact that the booster programme was launched over a month ago, only 1.82 crore precautionary doses have been administered to date. Indian Medical Association (IMA) survey demonstrates that 42 percent of the eligible population in India is currently hesitant to receive a booster or precautionary vaccine dose. 

Dr. Madhu Pai of McGill University told Mojo Story that wasting the vaccine is a crime. He stated that we are extremely fortunate to have local vaccine manufacturing, as opposed to the African continent, which is still waiting to manufacture its own vaccine while only about 15% of the continent is double vaxxed. “Wasting a potentially life-saving vaccine is absolute negligence. The booster shot must especially be given to people who have diabetes or heart disease. If we do not want other variants, we should vaccinate everyone,”

Madhu Pai asserts on the importance of a booster dose. He also underlined the necessity of vaccines for children aged 5 and up, saying that it should be a top priority for India.

Dr. Shahid Jameel, a virologist, emphasized the importance of the third shot, stating that if vaccines had not been available, the United States would have seen 1 million more deaths. “Vaccines will not be effective if they remain in vials. Indians are just as susceptible as everyone else. However, we require a global response,” he concluded.


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