“Painting Southern India With Religious Colours Won’t Work,” says Army Veteran on Hijab Row

By Sonal Nain, 9 Feb 2022

The Karnataka high court passed an interim order on hijab row allowing the opening of colleges but directed that no student should insist on wearing “religious clothes” until the court decides the matter. The Supreme Court refused to hear an urgent plea relating to it and the Chief Justice of India (CJI) suggested lawyers “not to make it a national-level issue”. 

Major Firasat, an Army veteran, told Mojo Story that the hijab issue is an example of mismanagement. “We’re not teaching these students moral values; we’re teaching them the colours of religion. Colours and uniforms do not define humanity’s religion. It is defined by responsibility,” she stated. 

She urged these young women to concentrate on their education. “The temple of education should only be wetted for the temple of education and not for other things. It won’t work to paint the southern part of India saffron,” she reasoned.

Muskan, a student at PES College in Karnataka, told Mojo Story that a group of boys wearing saffron scarves advanced towards her asking her to cut her hijab. The boys sloganeered Jai Shree Ram towards Muskan as she was arriving at her college. The video of her standing strong against a large group of saffron scarf adorning boys who heckled her went viral. In the video, she could be seen responding to the group by shouting “Allah hu Akbar.”

An activist, Zakia Soman, stated that we live in a time of extreme Islamophobia and religious hatred. “It’s a politically motivated plan,” she adds. “A systematic pattern for dividing a community.”