“Kishor Didn’t Seek Any Post in Congress,” Reveals Pavan Varma

By Sonal Nain, 29 Apr 2022

Political strategist Prashant Kishor turned down the offer to join the Congress party and help shape its poll strategy. Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, asked Kishor to join the party and be a part of the Empowered Action Group-2024 and take care of its election strategy for the upcoming polls.

Kishor took to Twitter and stated that more than him, the party needs leadership and collective will to fix deep-rooted structural problems by carrying out transformational reforms.

Kishor’s closest friend, Pavan K Varma of the Trinamool Congress, speaks to Mojo Story to reveal the reasons for the breakdown of talks between Congress and Prashant Kishor.

Pavan described the parting between Prashant Kishor and Congress as amicable. Congress desired to change but couldn’t, as per the perception of Prashant Kishor, which he spoke candidly in his tweet, “Congress was uncomfortable with quantum, scope, and pace of the change that Kishor believed was required.” 

He stated that in any political party or organization, there will be those who will push for the change and those who will resist it, “Kishor was sure that he was to be involved in the process of reviving the Congress party, it could not be a half measure.”

In terms of the necessity for a new leader in Congress, he believes that any political party must make room for new talent. “It cannot be the monopoly of those who held the fiefdoms,” he agreed with Prashant Kishor’s proposal that the same person who is the President of the party cannot also be the leader of the parliamentary party.

According to Pavan, Kishor is committed to Congress’s idea of India and believes its restoration is critical for the country’s future, “The idea of India that Congress represents  — A democratic, secular, inclusive and tolerant country, is relevant today, especially in opposition to the idea that BJP represents.”


Watch the full conversation below.