Putin is a Monster, says Ukrainian Diplomat on Russia’s War

By Sonal Nain, 27 Feb 2022

As Russian forces approached the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, India sought to maintain a tough diplomatic balance in the Russia-Ukraine conflict at the UN Security Council. While India strongly condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, it along with China abstained from voting on the resolution opposing Russia’s military operation against its neighbours. 

Former Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Scherba spoke with Mojo Story and expressed surprise at India’s stance “It’s a choice between invaders and defenders, good and evil. You’re not being diplomatic here, it’s akin to selling your soul. There is the possibility to change this position.”

Scherba expressed his anger at Putin, saying, “We hated Putin before, but we hate him even more now. Because of his imperial hubris, Putin misread and mistreated the Ukrainian soul once more. He will, however, lose the battle of hearts. We will defend Kyiv.” 

The Ukrainian leadership has been addressing the people of Russia directly. “We are here,” said the Ukrainian President standing on the streets. Scherba appreciated Ukraine’s spirit of unity. “Ukraine is tough. It’s incredible to see how people are defending and fighting for their country. Ukrainians are giving Russian soldiers hell. Not a single Ukrainian city has been occupied by Russians,” said Scherba. 

Scherba emphasized that if Russia continues to do this, it will be a disaster because Putin is a monster. “This monster will grow stronger, feeling unstoppable, cynical and bloodthirsty. That is why Ukraine’s liberty is so important right now,” he said.