Sunil Jakhar: “People Wanted Badlaav, Congress did Badli”

By Sonal Nain, 19 May 2022

Sunil Jakhar, the former state Congress chief, joined the BJP on May 19 in the presence of party president JP Nadda. This comes just days after he announced his resignation from the Congress on Facebook live, where he questioned Sonia Gandhi’s handling of party affairs and expressed outrage at being served with a show-cause notice after 50 years of association with the party.

Following the Congress’ defeat in the Punjab assembly elections, Sunil Jakhar called Charanjit Singh Channi a “liability” whose “greed brought the party down.” This came after party leaders referred to the former CM as an asset created by Rahul Gandhi. Jakhar has blamed the party’s defeat on the former CM.

Jakhar had previously told Mojo Story that Congress did not choose him as the Chief Ministerial candidate because he was Hindu, despite having 42 MLAs support, and the eventual winner, Charanjit Singh Channi, had received the least amount of support, with only two MLAs voting for him.

In an interview with Mojo before he quit Congress, he said that “people wanted badlaav, Congress did Badli,” implying that Congress is a poor judge of people, “Despite the fact that I was the first to approve Channi’s appointment, stating that “Rahul broke the glass ceiling by choosing Channi,” he claims that Channi is a total fake,” Channi’s name is pulled out of the hat at the last minute. No one in Punjab recognized Channi as a leader. He was too much to bear. His antics had become repulsive.”

Jakhar believes that the primary quality of a leader is to carry everyone along and to respect people. However, leaders like Sidhu are rife with narcissism; “there is too much narcissism in Sidhu, he is so full of himself.” When you are a leader, you must rise above your prejudices and biases. Sidhu would never be able to rise above that level. He is still clinging to his Punjab model.” 

He further added that the Congress party must seek a credible face since credibility is the foundation of any revival scheme.