Ambika Soni Brought Up the Hindu-Sikh Dichotomy, says Sunil Jakhar

By Sonal Nain, 4 Feb 2022

Former Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar made a major revelation in the viral video, claiming that after the dislodging of Captain Amarinder Singh, he was backed by 42 MLAs to become Punjab’s next Chief Minister. He said that Charanjit Singh Channi received the least amount of support, with only two MLAs voting for him.

Following this disclosure, there has been speculation about a schism within the Congress party ahead of the Punjab elections. However, Jakhar clarified to the Mojo Story by saying, “I was not an MLA or PCC President when this happened, still 42 MLAs voted to place their faith in me. I have always supported the workers, Punjab and the party.” He admitted that he felt bad at first, but that as long as the people and Rahul Gandhi believe in him, he is happy and content. 

Jakhar further stated that upon Channi’s appointment as Chief Minister, he was offered the post of Deputy Chief Minister, which he gracefully declined. “These positions don’t matter to me; I don’t want to be a part of an establishment where I don’t feel at ease,” he added.

Jakhar says that the sole reason that he was not appointed as Chief Minister of Punjab, or what hampered his chances, was senior Delhi congress leader Ambika Soni’s statement that a non-Sikh cannot be the face of the CM. “When she claimed that the Punjab CM must only have a Sikh face, she destroyed the spirit of Punjabiyat.” He said that Punjab is most secular, still she brought up the Hindu-Sikh dichotomy, “Punjabi’s Hindus may feel like second-class citizens,” he added.

Speaking of Rahul Gandhi’s conviction, he stated that Channi’s appointment as Chief Minister of Punjab marks a watershed moment in Rahul’s political career. “He has broken the class barrier with Channi,” Jakhar affirms.