“They are coming for you”: Filmmaker’s ominous post goes viral

They are coming for you.

Filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala’s ominous and prodding post has become viral ever since he wrote it on the social networking site, Facebook.

Written, seemingly, in the wake of a recent attack on filmmaker Prakash Jha by members of Bajrang Dal.

By Team Mojo, 26 Oct 2021

The right-wing group claimed that Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Asharam,’ starring Bobby Deol, was an attack on Hinduism and that filming would be prohibited until the title was changed.

As a result, Bajrang Dal activists destroyed the set of the web series ‘Asharam’ in Bhopal, while throwing ink at filmmaker Prakash Jha, accusing him of representing Hindus incorrectly.

Amid widespread outrage against the actions of Bajrang Dal and support for Jha, Tyrewala’s post struck a chord with many,

“You think you’re on their side? Wait till you do something they think is wrong. Make a show. Make an ad. Sing a song. Wear clothes. Meet a friend. Fall in love. Eat something. Drink something. Smoke something. Pray. Don’t pray. Say something. Don’t say something. Ask anything. Believe anything.”

In the past few weeks, India has seen strict monitoring concerning religion and beliefs. Whether it was Fab India pulling down their advertisement that used Persian words for a Diwali capsule, or it was Dabur pulling down their Karwa Chauth advertisement for showcasing a homosexual couple instead a heterosexual one.

Tyrewala finishes his post evoking a sense of fear, by saying, “You may not be next. Not yet. But unless you’re ‘in’ the mob, your turn and your family’s turn and your children’s turn are inevitable. There is only one ‘them’. And it’s all of us.”