“Despite Having Legal Documents, they Bulldozed My Shop”

By Sonal Nain, 25 Apr 2022

Days after clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Delhi’s Jhangirpuri on Hanuman Jayanti, the north MCD carried out a demolition drive that resulted in the destruction of several shops and homes. Even after the Supreme Court ordered a halt to the demolitions, the drive continued for several hours. 

Ganesh Gupta, a Jahangirpuri resident who used to run a family-run juice shop, is one of those who lost his business in the demolition drive. He told Mojo Story that the DDA allotted the shop to his family in 1977 and that it is not part of any illegal construction, “I brought my documents to show to MCD officers, but they didn’t listen to me. Despite having legal documents, they bulldozed my shop.” 

This juice shop was intended to provide a living for the eight family members and two servants who used to work here; their very livelihood was dependent on it, “Hum patri pe aa gaye hain.” 

The SC order to halt the demolition drive came an hour before my shop was bulldozed. Still, they went on with it. Mr. Gupta argued that he was targeted to ensure that the officials could say a Hindu’s property was also bulldozed, not just Muslim properties. 

He also stated that no one’s house was bulldozed who was involved in the clashes and that only the innocent are suffering, “Dangaiyon ka ghar nahi gaya hai.” He has now filed a petition in the Supreme Court and is battling a compensation case.


Watch the full conversation below.