“This is Propaganda with Impunity,” a Writer on the Haldiram Controversy

By Sonal Nain, 6 Apr 2022

Haldiram is embroiled in controversy after a video of a reporter calling out the famed food chain’s Urdu packaging, Falhari mixture, for Navratri namkeen went viral on Twitter. The incident comes amid a row over halal meat shops in Karnataka, where activists of the right-wing Bajrang Dal attacked a Muslim vendor.

In the viral video, a Sudarshan News reporter questions Haldiram’s employee about an Urdu description on the package of a namkeen mixture. The reporter pressed her on whether Haldiram was attempting to conceal facts by covering up the namkeen packaging description in Urdu. The employer then mentions that people from various communities come here, so the prescription is in Urdu so that everyone may understand it in their language.

Sucheta Dalal, a senior Journalist, said that this is what gives journalism a bad name,” Some kind of basic literacy of journalism and business should be given to people.” 

Farah Naqvi, an Indian author and activist, said to Mojo Story that it is “open season” on Muslims, “A large portion of India cannot ignore these terror acts. The ecosystem in which the Sudarshan channel thrives is no longer fringe. The journalism they are practising is propaganda with impunity.” 

She believes that the channel’s owner should be behind bars, “There are numerous FIRs against him for hate speech; why has he not been arrested yet? What is this mysterious system of protection that he enjoys, that people like Yati enjoy?” she inquired.

Naqvi stated that we must connect the links between the Hijab controversy, namaz in Gurgaon, halal ban and Muslim vendors in order to comprehend the wider picture and stand up for the rights of every citizen in this country to live and breathe freely, “The pattern is evident, the objective is clear; let’s continue to condemn it and await the courts to step in to protect citizens’ rights.” 

She contended that the violence is fueled by various factors, including hatred, and that the result is often economic decimation of a community and takeover of their trade, which is very easy to do in an unorganized sector dominated by Muslims. 


Watch the full conversation below.