Vir Das’ Monologue Goes Viral, But The Satirist Issues A Clarification. Here’s Why.

Stand-up comedian Vir Das’s powerful monologue on two Indias has become viral ever since he shared a video on Instagram and Twitter.

Vir Das recently performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, eliciting thunderous applause from the audience. At the end of his show, he recited a bittersweet poem titled ‘Two Indias,’  in which he spoke about the two different countries in which he lives.

By Team Mojo, 16 Nov 2021

“I come from an India where children in masks hold hands with each other and yet, I come from an India where leaders hug each other without masks/ I come from an India where we claim to be divided over Bollywood on Twitter and yet are united by Bollywood in the darkness of a theatre.”

Though the situation in present India is exceedingly complex and controversial, with several incidences of lynching of minorities, an increase in the price of petrol, the targeting of journalists, Hindutva politics, boycotting commercials, the deployment of police etc. Vir Das had us ponder about India’s two versions as he applauded and condemned it in equal measure, reflecting on the country’s duality and contemporary social and political context.

He swept the internet by storm with his video. People on social media have expressed their appreciation and admiration for his poetry. However, a section on the internet also criticised his performance, and the comedian also wrote a clarification about the same.