“We are all doomed if Putin isn’t stopped,” says German Diplomat to India

By Sonal Nain, 5 Apr 2022

The alleged massacre by Russian troops in Ukraine’s Bucha has sparked outrage worldwide, with US Vice President Joe Biden branding Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and Ukraine calling the incident a “genocide.” The United Nations Security Council is set to hold another session on Ukraine, during which the United States will move to remove Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. 

“Images of atrocities are completely unbearable and painful,” says Germany’s Ambassador to India, Walter J. Lindner, of the horrific images of civilians killed in Bucha. He told Mojo Story that Putin is bombarding civilians, and the crisis has already resulted in millions of refugees, “the future of the children and refugees is a big tragedy.” 

On India’s stance on the crisis, he said that he respects each country’s position, “Each country has its own environment, history, dependencies and experiences. Each country must make decisions based on its interests and regional location. However, if we allow this brutal war of aggression to be accepted, we are all in deep trouble because the next time a powerful nation wants to attack its neighbour out of the blue, we will all suffer.”

He stated that they are not teaching or preaching to India, but we’re all doomed if Putin isn’t stopped, “Putin would establish a precedent and justify it by saying that if he could do it now, why can’t he do it in the future? This will affect everyone, including India and Germany.”

Ambassador concurred that the current situation is very precarious and critical, “It is not just about Ukraine, but about the entire world and its principles of respecting the culture and rules of the United Nations, and you cannot just attack another neighbouring state brutally. We should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our neighbours.”


Watch the full conversation below.