Was The Surprise Attack by Hamas A Mossad Failure?

Did Israel’s famed intelligence service Mossad fail to foresee Hamas’ unprecedented terror attack?

By MJ Augustine Vinod, 11 Oct 2023

Oct 6, 1973, Yom Kippur War – 40 years later, Hamas surprised Israel the way Egypt and Syria surprised them during the Yom Kippur festival. Did they achieve this, probably, by employing non-electronic means of communication? I suspect it, very much. The scale and audacity of the attack by Hamas on Israel is a textbook execution of certain tactics used by LTTE against Sri Lankan armed forces in the 80s and 90s. I would classify this as more of a success in keeping the Operation a secret by using traditional means of communication by Hamas than the failure of Mossad. Mind you; since, some of the Israelis speak very good Arabic and they look like Palestinians. There are deep undercover Mossad agents in Hamas too. This is a known fact to Hamas. How did Hamas overcome this handicap? They probably also ensured people chosen for this attack were those who suffered under the hands of the IDF, therefore them being Mossad agents are next to nil.

Could Russia be Involved in helping Hamas, indirectly?

Possibility of involvement of Russia in helping Hamas is very high for a simple reason that Israel has been helping Ukraine in its cause, overtly and covertly. Many a times Putin has expressed his concern & regret towards Israel. Russia’s involvement may not be direct, it could be have been through countries like Iran, Syria etc. In Yom Kippur and other wars against Israel these warring countries have been using Russian equipment, whether it is Lebanon, Syria or even Egypt. Russia shares a lot of bonhomie going back 40-50 years with these countries. Therefore, Russian equipment falling on Israeli soil is not something new. Russian weapons in the hands of Hamas should not come as a surprise to Israel.

Involvement of USA and other Middle Eastern countries

Even this should not come as a surprise to anyone. America handed out a huge sum of money to Iran recently. We saw how Tehran celebrated the attack. Saudi schooling Israel for getting attacked and many of the Islamic nations either support Hamas or are silent about it. Therefore, their covert overt support either monetarily or by standing in solidarity makes these nations, willy nilly, part of the Hamas camp.

Why is it not India’s war?

India neither stands to gain nor lose in this war. India is traditionally known for non-alliance with any other country. We don’t believe in being part of any one camp. We believe in “Vasudeva Kutumbam”, In the true sense. Irrespective of governments in power our national personality has been to be ‘Non-aligned’ and to look at the bigger scheme of things like, ‘World Peace and humanity’. I am not using this word in any derogatory sense or in the sense that any beauty pageant participant would use. I use it in its true sense that has been taught to us by our Dharma, which is Sanatana Dharma. The term ‘I stand with Israel’ is fine but in the true sense, we do not stand with any kind of war. That has been our stand all along from time immemorial.

Will it be another Ukraine-Russia war?

I very much doubt it, for a simple reason: a lot of United States interests lie in this region. In terms of control of crude, control of technology in Israel and access to Suez Canal. Therefore, it will be in the interest of Russia and the United States for this war to culminate as soon as possible. Will they allow Israel to run over the West Bank and or the Gaza Strip and finish this war forever? I seriously doubt it. Therefore, I see the end of this war coming very soon. I did not see this war prolonging like Ukraine Ukraine-Russia war.

Will it spiral into a nuclear conflict?

Though the possibility is very low. Probability is slightly on the higher side for a simple reason that Pakistan is economically broke, and it has the Nuclear weapon. The current polity of Pakistan could trade nuclear weapon for some forex reserves so that it the country is bail out the country from the current economic crisis. Something that depends on the polity and how much of control United States has on the nukes of Pakistan. Considering all of the above-mentioned factors and crystal gazing how Pakistan behaves and at what monetary level it is ready to succumb and what kind of money that will be offered to Pakistan at which they will succumb, will determine if this could spiral to a nuclear conflict.

Is there an end in sight?

Well, for people who do not know, David was a Jew and Goliath was a Palestine. Animosity between these people has existed from time immemorial and it will continue to exist. Until followers of the Abrahamic religion bury their hatchet and understand one clear fact ‘They had one great-grandfather’, whose name was Abraham, or Ibraham. Until that happens these people will continue to fight. Probably for many years to come. Even for generations to come.