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'Meet the 57th guest of Inside Out With Barkha Dutt—Mahua Moitra. The once-expelled MP is back in the parliament after winning the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha seat. Watch her first interview after her victory, where she talks about Mamata, Modi, the Media, and Misogyny!' Read more

'As the extensive process of the Lok Sabha election wraps up today with the 7th phase of voting on 57 seats across seven states and one union territory, we bring you live updates on exit polls. Who is ahead in this election? Will the opposition surprise us? Or will we witness PM Modi retain power? Hour 1 - Shrikant Karunesh Kartikeya Batra Pavan Verma Tripurdaman Singh Nasser Salim Hour 2 - Shruti Kapila Shashi Shekhar Vempathi Satyapal Jain Sunita Aaron Kartikeya Barta Sandip Ghose Akshay Marathe Santanu Sen' Read more

'From Article 370 to marrying a Pakistani to his relationship with the Modi Government, catch Sajad Lone as our guest in the latest episode of Inside Out with Barkha Dutt.' Read more

'Political strategist and Jan Suraaj founder Prashant Kishor is our latest guest on Inside Out With Barkha Dutt. Listen in to him talk about how many seats BJP is likely to get, what he thinks of the 'Brand Modi', and what is the future of the opposition!' Read more

'Unabashed and unapologetic, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra is our 54th podcast guest on Inside Out with Barkha Dutt. Watch this absolutely insightful conversation where Iyer-Mitra discusses everything from how he was once left of spectrum, why he is gets subjected to right wing trolls, and a personal incident that changed his life.' Read more

'Pradeep Gupta, who runs AXIS My India, talks numbers, the Modi Factor, and the opposition with Barkha Dutt on the 53rd episode of Inside Out With Barkha Dutt.' Read more

'She once called Rahul Gandhi a 'Rakhi Brother'. We are speaking about the young Raebareli BJP MLA Aditi Singh. Catch her in a frank tete-a-tete with Barkha Dutt, when she spoke about the reasons behind leaving Congress, among several other topics.' Read more

'Meet Zafar Sareshwala, the guest on the 51st episode of our podcast, a Gujarati businessman who once almost took PM Narendra Modi to ICJ, to now someone who is one of his biggest supporters.' Read more

'16 Indian citizens including rights activists Sudha Bharadwaj have been arrested in the Bhima Koregaon Case and charged under the UAPA, an anti-terror law. But now a new book 'The Incarcerations' by London based professor at the LSE, Professor Alpa Shah makes a dramatic allegation that evidence against the 'BK-16 was framed, planted on to electronic devices.. by hackers for hire". The Pune Police that made the original arrests before the case was handed over to the NIA, has denied the charges. Shah argues that a police officer may have been among those framed by the hackers Editor's Note: Mojo Story cannot either independently verify or contradict the charges made in the book.' Read more

'Over 600 lawyers in India, among them senior advocates Harish Salve and Pinky Anand, have expressed apprehensions regarding efforts by a "vested interest group" to exert influence on the judiciary. In a letter addressed to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, these lawyers asserted that the group was resorting to pressure tactics to sway judicial decisions, particularly in matters concerning political figures and allegations of corruption.' Read more

'Raveena Tandon was the quintessential Bollywood superstar, with iconic movies and songs aplenty. Now, in her newer avatar she has become the darling of OTT. Always pushing boundaries, always making unconventional choices. Our 50th podcast guest is Raveena Tandon, just as she gears for her newest OTT movie 'Patna Shuklla' on Disney+ Hotstar.' Read more