Boldest Diva v/s Misogyny

In conversation with Barkha Dutt at We The Women 2023, Vidya Balan, the pioneering actor known for redefining terms for women in the film industry, says ,”no matter how successful we women are, we are bad at receiving success.. It’s as if we still do not want to threaten the men. “

Talking about her debut film Parineeta, Vidya Balan said, someone told her, “' Oh what a great break in Parineeta, but you came in as a woman, now people need to see you as a girl.’ I was a woman, I was 26 then..” Sharing how she deals with misogynistic questions and stereotyping even today, she says, “For the longest time, they have posted my pictures stating -’Oh, she’s pregnant.’ Even today, when I promote my films, they ask if Siddharth has a say in what I do. I tell them, ‘I don't have a say in what Siddharth chooses, so why should he have a say in what I choose.”

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