Padma Lakshmi

Personal experiences can bring out the best and worst in a person. A person can go through several negative or positive experiences throughout their lifetime. But what they make out of these experiences is what makes a person. Owing her success to personal experiences, Padma Lakshmi has become one of the renowned authors. She is an Emmy nominated food expert, television host, producer and The New York Times best-selling author.

When asked to describe herself, in conversation with Barkha Dutt, she said “I would describe myself as an author and host of tv shows. I think of myself as a concerned citizen and mother. I spoke out when necessary. All of my activism comes out of personal experience.”

By Team Mojo, 18 Sep 2021

She is an Indian American author. In her memoir she also experiences of being subjected to racism due to her ethnicity. She says “America is on built on people from different races. Trump’s father was himself from a different race.” Being subjected to racism in a country like America is one of the most common things. People start treating you differently if you aren’t their color.

Padma Lakshmi believes in the ideology of utilizing the power bestowed upon you in the right way possible. Through walks of life, you will meet different people from whom you can learn a lot. But not everybody is fortunate.

“Bitter experiences can make you stronger they say”, but when it happens to you as a 16-year-old kid, it can have a long-lasting impact. Padma Lakshmi shares her stifling experience of being sexually assaulted in her growing up years and says “women don’t come out because women don’t feel safe in public places. Safety in public places is assured only when you feel and protected at home. The patriarchy is designed to protect the power structure. We are only trying to prevent further destruction and whenever there’s growth there’s pain.”

Adding to her bitter experiences, she remarks “It’s the same ocean everywhere but at a different degree. You have to find some power in the pain that you have gone through. It has happened to everybody despite race, religion, ethnicity. It’s very hard to rip off a 32-year-old bandage.”

“I always think of what can I do with the power I have. I will give how much ever I can. I have learnt a lot by mentoring girls.”

Putting out your pain in front of an entire population is a brave move. Padma Lakshmi adds “When I released my book and people started reading it, I didn’t leave the house for a few days. I was still shaking but the ppl who I would encounter were also affected by it.”

Once a victim of sexual assault has now become successful.