Shanta Pawar

The coronavirus lockdown has compelled a lot of people to look for alternative ways to earn a living. While some gave up hope, others mustered the strength and pushed forward to accomplish extraordinary things. Among those who came into the limelight during the lockdown on social media were the owners of the famous Baba ka Dhaba and the “warrior” Aaji of Pune.

Shanta Parwa, an 85-year-old woman, captured hearts after a video of her winding her lathis like a magician on the streets of Pune went viral. While the entire nation huddled indoors during the lockdown, she decided to go outdoors and perform as a street performer.

By Team Mojo, 18 Sep 2021

She came out on the streets to alert people by banging utensils and effortlessly performing her remarkable art. Her art caught the attention of the entire world. She is still young, passionate, and an internet phenomenon at the age of 85.

“My entire family depends on me for money, I had to work.”

She learned the traditional lathi art when she was young and had been practicing this art form since her childhood.
One of her sons died two years ago, and the other son is not physically fit, and his wife is also no longer alive. So, the entire family is financially dependent on her.

“I have pride, I will never go house to house and beg for money.” Instead, she will put her skills to use to make a living. And whatever she earns from her art, she will educate her grandchildren so that one day they will be able to stand on their own.

“I have a dream that one day I will own a house and a car.”

Many people are stepping forward to assist her, inspired by her courage. People in her neighbourhood and from other parts of the country approached her and expressed an interest in learning this traditional art form.

However, she stated that she is unable to travel due to her age and would like to teach them her traditional expertise here. So, she wished to open a school.

“I stepped out to work because I won’t beg for money,”

She even assisted people who were unable to obtain food and shared her own with them. She wished to assist other impoverished individuals as well.

Even actors like Sonu Sood and Randeep Hooda posted on social media praising the brave woman. Sood offered to open a training school for women under the aaji’s guidance. She received an overwhelming amount of help and support and she is also hopeful of a better future for herself and her grandchildren.

She wishes for her grandchildren to succeed in life and make her proud. Her message to all women is that if she can do it at her age, you can too. She never gave up hope and wants others to learn how to overcome adversity and move forward in life.