Decoding Amethi: Rahul Gandhi’s Electoral Gambit

In this episode of "Ballot ki Baat," political researcher Kartikeya Batra delves into the significance of the Amethi seat. Rahul Gandhi's defeat in the 2019 elections to Smriti Irani marked a historic shift in this bastion of the Gandhi family. In the 2014 elections, Rahul had secured victory with a substantial margin of 110,000 votes, a notable decrease from his 2009 victory margin of 375,000 votes. However, as the 2024 elections approach, the Congress party has yet to announce its candidate for Amethi. Speculations abound that Rahul Gandhi may once again contest from Amethi, though the party has remained silent on the matter. Will Rahul Gandhi take another shot at Amethi, or will he opt out of the race? Only time will reveal the outcome of this electoral battle in Amethi.


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