‘अब ट्रेंड बदल रहा है… चुनाव प्रचार में प्रधानमंत्री आएं या रक्षा मंत्री, आदिवासियों के लिए स्थानीय मुद्दे महत्वपूर्ण’


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'पहले चरण में वोटिंग प्रतिशत कम होने के बाद से ही सत्ताधारी पार्टी के साथ-साथ विपक्ष भी कम मतदान को लेकर चिंतित है। राजनीतिक विश्लेषक भी इसका कोई सटीक कारण नहीं बता पा रहे हैं, हालांकि जानलेवा गर्मी को इसके प्रमुख कारणों में से एक माना जा रहा है।' Read more

'In this episode of Ballot ki Baat, political researcher Kartikeya Batra delves into the intense political scenario in Maharashtra. The battle for dominance between state parties is heating up, with Shivsena UBT, led by Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray, and Shivsena, led by Eknath Shinde, set for a fierce identity clash in the upcoming elections. Key battlegrounds include Thane, Kalyan, and Mumbai South Central. Who will emerge victorious? Join us as we analyze the stakes and strategies in this high-stakes political contest.' Read more

'In this episode of Ballot Ki Baat, political researcher Kartikeya Batra delves deep into the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In Andhra Pradesh, the electoral landscape becomes particularly intriguing as the YSRCP, led by Jagan Reddy, approaches the end of its 10-year term. Will anti-incumbency sentiments affect the party this time, especially with the emergence of a formidable alliance comprising the TDP led by Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena Party, and the BJP? Meanwhile, in Telangana, all eyes are on the recently elected Revanth Reddy government as it steps into the Lok Sabha battlefield. Moreover, there's a significant interest regarding the BJP's potential advancements in these states and how the Congress party will fare, particularly in regions like Odisha, where it has been relegated to the third position.' Read more

'In this episode of Ballot Ki Baat, political researcher Kartikeya Batra dissects the ongoing debate surrounding the caste-based reservation system in India. Amidst opposition allegations that the BJP requires a brute majority in Parliament to amend the constitution and abolish reservation, Kartikeya explores the statements made by prominent BJP leaders like Anant Kumar Hegde and Arun Govil regarding the necessity of over 400 seats for certain changes. While BJP and RSS have reiterated their stance on reservation, questions linger about the party's true intentions. Watch now to uncover the truth behind the brute majority claim and BJP's stance on reservation.' Read more

'Join political researcher Kartikeya Batra as he unravels the complexities of phase three of the elections in this episode of Ballot Ki Baat. Dive deep into the battleground constituencies of Sharad Pawar's Baramati and the stronghold of Samajwadi Party, Mainpuri. With 94 seats at stake, including Gujarat, Goa, Daman and Diu, & Dadar and Nagar Haveli in a single-phase election, the dynamics are intense. Explore the significance of this phase for prominent figures like Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Digvijay Singh, and Supriya Sule. Only time will reveal the victors of this crucial phase.' Read more

'Dive into the intricate world of Karnataka's electoral politics with political researcher Kartikeya Batra in the latest episode of Ballot Ki Baat. As Phase Three of the Loksabha Elections 2024 approaches, 14 crucial seats in Karnataka are up for grabs, including the fiercely contested constituencies of Shivamogga, Ballari, and Koppal. Will Congress maintain its momentum from the 2022 election victory, or will BJP make a comeback? Join us as we analyze the battleground and speculate on the strategies of PM Modi and Amit Shah. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion!' Read more

'In this episode of "Ballot Ki Baat," Political Researcher Kartikeya Batra delves into the aftermath of the third phase of Loksabha elections in Maharashtra. The constituencies in contention this time have historically been strongholds of three major parties: NCP, ShivSena, and BJP. However, the intensity of the battle has heightened due to the fragmentation of NCP and ShivSena into two factions. Kartikeya Batra, along with sociologist Neerad, analyzes the outcomes of key constituencies such as Baramati, Satara, and Solapur. They also explore the potential adverse impacts of a symbol change for the Udhhav and Sharad Pawar factions. Tune in for an insightful discussion on the evolving political landscape.' Read more

'A key Congress Leader in Maharashtra- Arif Naseem Khan has refused to campaign for the party after not even one ticket was given to a Muslim Canidate in the state where Muslims make up 12 % of the population. He Has also quit the party's campaign panel. In this latest edition of Dhabas of Democracy- our election road trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Barkha Dutt reports from Mumbai's Behram Nahar area, a muslim dominated neighbourhood, where voters speak about the NOTA option to express their protest.' Read more

'अग्निपथ योजना आने के बाद से हरियाणा और पंजाब जैसे सेना बहाली के लिए मशहूर राज्यों में भारतीय सेना में जाने को लेकर युवाओं के बीच आकर्षण कम हो गया है। पश्चिमी हरियाणा के कुछ जिले जैसे; जींद, हिसार और भिवानी में युवा चार साल की सैन्य सेवा के बजाय विदेश जाने को प्राथमिकता दे रहे हैं।' Read more

'Join political researcher Kartikeya Batra in this compelling episode of Ballot Ki Baat as he explores the repercussions of electing leaders with criminal backgrounds. Batra sheds light on the case of JDS leader Prajwal Revanna, grandson of HD Dewegowda, embroiled in allegations of sexual harassment. Drawing from research findings, Batra highlights the detrimental effects of electing tainted leaders on the development of their constituencies. While some may perceive these leaders as modern-day Robin Hoods, the reality of their contributions to their constituencies remains uncertain. Tune in to uncover the truth behind the facade.' Read more