Lok Sabha Elections 2024 | Maharashtra Analysis: All-Important Phase 3 | Bringing Any Surprises?

In this episode of "Ballot Ki Baat," Political Researcher Kartikeya Batra delves into the aftermath of the third phase of Loksabha elections in Maharashtra. The constituencies in contention this time have historically been strongholds of three major parties: NCP, ShivSena, and BJP. However, the intensity of the battle has heightened due to the fragmentation of NCP and ShivSena into two factions. Kartikeya Batra, along with sociologist Neerad, analyzes the outcomes of key constituencies such as Baramati, Satara, and Solapur. They also explore the potential adverse impacts of a symbol change for the Udhhav and Sharad Pawar factions. Tune in for an insightful discussion on the evolving political landscape.

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