Supriya Shrinate: From Journalist to Neta

Supriya Shrinate's name has recently been mired in controversy following comments about Kangana Ranaut. Amidst BJP's criticism of the Congress leader, let's look closely at her life. This interview, conducted in 2023 by Mojo Story's Editor-in-Chief Barkha Dutt, offers insight into Shrinate's life journey. Once a journalist, now the head of Congress social media, Supriya Shrinate speaks to Barkha Dutt in the 31st episode of our podcast 'Inside Out.' Supriya appears in TV news debates as a national spokesperson for the Congress party. She was recently appointed as a member of the Congress Working Committee (CWC). In 2022, she was appointed chairperson of the social media and digital platforms in the party's communications department. She quit journalism after an 18-year-long career in print and electronic media to join politics. She goes on to talk about how Priyanka Gandhi played a major role in her job switch. Her father- Harsh Vardhan- was a Congress MP from Uttar Pradesh. She also contested the 2019 Lok Sabha election from UP's Maharajganj constituency. Supriya talks about her journalistic career, why she joined politics, how the Congress prepares for the 2024 polls, the boycott of 14 TV news anchors, and how she prepares herself for a TV debate. Also, she shares inside stories of the Congress party.

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